The establishment of Essy Gold School is a dream come true, through the inspiration of God. It was founded by Evang. Onifade Esther Modupe on 1st October, 2002. The school is located at 14, Emmanuel High Street, Ogudu-GRA, Lagos. The school is to cater for boys and girls from infants (Pre-School) to primaty six class.

It is important to note that most good things start small. And it takes a process of nurturing grass to develop. Growing steadily helps bring about solid foundation because step by step process helps one learn the ropes. Steady growth helps reinforce the foundation and solidifies the structure. This is a universal principle that applies in Essy Gold.

Essy gold Nursery and Primary school had her first graduation ceremony on 20th July, 2005 with eleven (11) graduands. It was a memorable and an eventful day. Since then, the school has experienced great increase in the number of pupils and staff.

This great achievement and success recorded, induced the parents to advise and encourage the Proprietress, Evang Onifade to establish the secondary school as a subsidiary of Essy Gold Schools.


After ten (10) years meritorious operation of service to mankind in the primary system, Essy Gold College was established to cater for the academic needs of the general public on the 17th of September, 2012 it is a co-educational school which at present runs JSS 1 to SSS 3 classes. We are hopeful and believing God for expansion. Obligation, support and love toward her establishment.


Essy Gold school has a conducive environment where pupils/students can play safely. It is a safe, friendly, inclusive and stimulating learning environment for all pupils and students.


The school aims at creating an environment where children, staff and parent grow in the faith and love of God. We encourage children in our care to be happy and independent in a positive and encouraging atmosphere, developing their own potentials through the experience provided in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills.


Established in one of Lagos East most enviable environment at Ogudu GRA Lagos, the Essygold School with two purpose built fine architecturally polished edifice are the academic structures . One housing the pre- school and primary the other a few metres away is a location for the college.

The vision of the Essygold school is one born out of a passionate zeal to produce the best of Nigeria and in extension Africa’s best primary and post primary graduates, the school has become a force to reckon with as one of Nigeria’s leading schools in Lagos to be proud of. The school has been able to acheive this mile stone through 16 years of hard work and commitment with a blend of British and Nigeria curriculum.

Essygold schools is the learning place for every child for reasons very clear ;

  1. Quality education in the best learning, loving and caring environment.
  2. Extensive emphasis on learn as you play concept.
  3. Teaching by the most advanced interactive technological equipments with professional handlers.
  4. Wide and varied curriculum.
  5. Well equiped role playing material in standard classroom to enable pupils understand real life experiences.
  6. Vast and extensive sporting equipments, coaches and fitness acivites and more. We have a proven track record of academic excellence and provide a high quality education to over 500 pupils aged from 4 to 16.